The Debt Limit Increase Fix Is In

Don’t believe all of the public fighting by Republican and Democrat leaders over the past week on increasing the debt limit. My sources on Capitol Hill tell me that many conservatives believe that the fix may be in on a deal to increase the debt ceiling in a manner that allows both sides to save face.

Here is a theory that many believe on Capitol Hill. The walk out by Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) from the Vice President’s debt limit negotiations on Thursday was staged and agreed to by both parties as a means for Republicans to look tough before they cave on increasing the debt limit.

Vice President Biden has been meeting behind closed doors with a bipartisan bicameral group of politicians for weeks in an effort to cut a deal on a package to increase the statutory $14.3 trillion debt limit. These meeting have been extremely secretive and not many specifics of the negotiations have been provided to the public. One of the few details leaked was that liberals were putting tax increases on the table as a means to balance the budget.



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