Stand Firm, Weiner! Don’t Resign

I hope Anthony Weiner never resigns. I hope Weiner is never forced to resign. I hope Pelosi does not make a full-pitched effort here at the Ethics Committee. I’m hoping that that’s just for public consumption. I don’t want this guy to go away. This guy, Anthony Weiner, Tony Weiner — look at what they’re asking us to believe. Here you have the classic dictionary definition of a nerd, the classic dictionary definition of a pencil-necked geek, and they are telling us that this guy would walk into a bar and women would fall all over themselves to be near the guy. This guy was Playboy numero uno. He was a womanizer par excellence. This guy, he’s such a ladies man that he had to do all of this womanizing anonymously, sexting. You know, with phone sex at least there’s a voice on the other end. Texting is just absurd. You’d never catch Hugh Hefner doing this. Hugh Hefner put his pajamas on, had ’em over to the mansion to go at it for real. Hugh Hefner wouldn’t show ’em a picture; he’d show ’em the real thing. They’re trying to tell us that Weiner’s some kind of Playboy, some kind of God’s gift to women. Sorry, I’m not buying it at all.



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