Spending Addiction: Will Obama and Dems Go to Stimulus Rehab?

Have you noticed Obama continues talking about he’s not a partisan. He told this crowd yesterday or a couple days ago, (paraphrasing) “If you’re looking for partisan rhetoric from me, you’re not gonna get it.” Have you noticed he’s still harping on the failed policies of the past? And what he means by that is life under the Bush administration. Now, I don’t know about you, but life under the Bush administration qualifies as the good old days. Weren’t the failed policies of the past under Bush far better than the failed policies of today under Obama? I mean, for crying out loud, folks, let’s be real. The failed policies of the past, George W. Bush, okay, unemployment 5% versus 9.1% with Obama. A GDP that was three times, gross domestic product under Bush three times what it is today. A deficit under the failed policies of the past that was minuscule compared to Obama’s deficit.

Under the failed policies of the past, we had a record 50 consecutive months of job creation, 50. That’s over four years, month to month consecutive growth in job creation. There was practically no inflation during the Bush years. The failed policies of the past. And even during the Bush years and the failed policies of the past people were able to fill up their gas tanks in their cars. Their houses were worth something during the failed policies of the past. People’s asset values still existed. Their homes were above water. Most of us would call that a golden age. You come to think of it, what Obama calls the failed policies of the past are what most of us would call American capitalism which is actually what has made us the richest nation in the world, but what Obama’s doing is trotting all this language out, “failed policies of the past,” needs a little more time for his policies to take effect. The failed policies of the past dug us in so deep we need even more stimulus. That’s what’s being bargained for here.



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