On this Margaret Thatcher business, once again I was right. It turns out that whole thing was essentially a hoax. The whole thing was made up. Nobody in Margaret Thatcher’s camp ever did say that Margaret Thatcher wouldn’t meat with Palin because Palin’s nuts. The UK Guardian had a lot of fun with this: “Rush Limbaugh: Wrong on Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin — US talk show host denounces Guardian for reporting why former prime minister will not be meeting darling of Tea Party movement. Rush Limbaugh, the US conservative radio host, was angry on Wednesday after I blogged that Margaret Thatcher would not receive Sarah Palin if the darling of the Tea Party movement visits London in July. Limbaugh opened his show with a lengthy denunciation of the Guardian after I quoted an ally of Thatcher on Tuesday describing Palin as ‘nuts.'” And they quote me and what I said and they try to back up their story.

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