Report Claims White House Gave Kickback Administration Jobs to Donors

A new report by iWatch claims the Obama administration gave 200 of its biggest campaign donors key assignments within the government or granted their business interests with federal contracts.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was pressed about the issue at the White House briefing Wednesday and said that giving money doesn’t qualify someone for a post, but also doesn’t disqualify them and that decisions were based on merit.

“You asked me about supporters of the president who may have been donors who have gotten positions and I would point out to the fact that the people who got those positions got then because of their credentials. They also happen to be donors in some cases. There are obviously numerous and far many more cases of people who weren’t donors who were appointed the jobs,” Carney said.

Some are charging that the new report is at odds with President Obama’s claims on the campaign trail that he would bring a new kind of government to Washington and not cater to special interests.



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