Reagan Sound Bites from 1980 Resonate Across the Fruited Plain

I know a number of you are just dying to know, did I break 80 yesterday when I went out and played Bel-Air again? No. I had 84, 85. One of those two, I forget which it was. No, I am not playing as much as Obama is. I mean, to play as much as Obama I’d have to play for three straight weeks every day. He is playing every weekend this year so far.

It was one week ago today that we launched Two If By Tea, two, t-w-o. One week ago today history was made on this program. Yesterday was one of the greatest programs in the history of the program. I want to thank all of you for the nice thoughts that you expressed in your e-mails about those Reagan sound bites. I went out to the golf course yesterday. I got out there an hour after the program ended, and I met R. J. Wagner, Robert Wagner. It turns out Robert Wagner is a friend of a friend of mine in Palm Beach, the noted thriller author Ted Bell. And I didn’t know that R. J. — that’s how he introduced himself, folks, so don’t get on me — it’s R. J. Wagner, great actor. And all these people were going on and on and on about the Reagan sound bites yesterday.



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