PROOF! Palin Is Evil – Or Something

If you believe everything you read, Sarah Palin is the worst thing that has ever happened to America. She has proven that women aren’t, in fact, victimized by a male-dominated society to the extent that organizations such as N.O.W. and Planned Parenthood would have you believe.

She has proven that you CAN, in fact, win a fight against the media. She has taken the best of their beatings while they have made it abundantly clear for nearly 3 years now that their number one goal has been to denigrate and destroy her (and drag her family through the mud for good measure). They have done everything in their collective power, to defame and discredit her no matter what she endeavors to do, and yet she keeps smiling and flipping them off at every opportune moment.

She has proven that you really CAN carve out a living for yourself, even in these economic times, by working hard and making the necessary sacrifices of long hours and sufficient effort (as well as putting up with the usually unfounded personal attacks) to put a meal on your family’s table (while being chastised with impunity for it by media and politicians -from both sides – alike).

And, she has proven to have more sack panache than most of the men I have ever met.

I love this woman, and whether she’s the right person to be our next President or not, she ought to be America’s SoulKeeper™ for what she endures and what she gives back in the abject lessons she’s helping us learn about how evil people really CAN be when someone comes along that doesn’t fit into their tidy little mold of how people should think and act. God bless her for that.



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