Projection: Democrats Accuse the Republicans of Economic Sabotage

There is this guy at the Washington Post, a blogger, his name is Greg Sargent, and I don’t know where he came from. He came from some previously failed Drive-By institution. He might have come from some place called Editor and Publisher, I’m not sure. Editor and Publisher was almost like a trade publication for the media. It’s far-left, just insane, and this guy has got his own blog now and he sends me snarky e-mails now and then. I got his latest piece, I said surely I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing here. This is the headline: “Dems Will Not Shy Away from Accusing GOP of Deliberately Sabotaging Economy.” What? Republicans are sabotaging the economy? With what power? With what power do the Republicans have to sabotage the economy? I mean this is turning everything upside down. This is turning everything 180 degrees out of phase.

“Today Senate Dems went there: They accused Republicans of deliberately sabotaging the economy in order to further their own political interests.” Okay, this answers the question. This answers the question, it is purposeful, folks. The Democrats engage in this kind of stuff all the time, projection. They constantly accuse us of what they are really doing. So now that they’ve come out and accused us of sabotaging the economy, that means that that’s exactly what they are doing. So the question is no longer open. It’s not a matter of, “Gee, are these people really this idiotic, naive and ignorant or is this done purposefully?” We now have the answer. They’ve accused us of sabotage. We don’t run anything. Well, yeah, we run the House, we can block stuff, but we can’t get our agenda passed.



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