Paul to Try to Force Symbolic ‘Clean’ Vote on Debt Ceiling

Tea Party favorite Senator Rand Paul is expected to introduce an amendment Tuesday that would require “a vote on a clean raising of the debt ceiling,” the Kentucky Republican’s spokeswoman, Moira Bagley, tells Fox.

The move is designed to demonstrate, as House Republicans did with a similar vote in that chamber last week, “that the votes don’t exist,” according to Bagley, who said support is “growing” among Republicans.

Few Democrats have expressed public support for such a vote, though leadership has not taken that option off the table. And last week, in a conference call with reporters, one senior Democrat, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, voiced support for such a move. ” I would prefer a clean debt ceiling vote,” Harkin said.

Still, a number of nervous Democrats, along with all Republicans, have said they would refuse to increase the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit without a deficit reduction package in place. Polls show support for a debt ceiling increase unpopular with Americans.



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