Our President is Winning His War Against America’s Private Sector

We have the unemployment news that we are now at 9.1% unemployment. We have next to no growth. We have massive unemployment. We’re in the midst of a housing disaster, oppressive regulations. All of this and the regime is demanding massive tax increases. We face a threat of reduction in the nation’s credit rating. We have systemic, historic deficits and still today you can read certain stories or go to certain networks and hear them talk about the recovery! There is no recovery. If this isn’t a depression, then what is? And the sad thing is, what’s even worse, Obama’s entire motivation is to destroy what’s left.

Now, for two and a half years we’ve been sitting here and we’ve been warning people who Obama is, what he is, what his policies are, what his objectives are, and it may be time to change tack, change the approach a little bit. I think we’ve gotten to the point we’re preaching to the choir. Everybody knows that is a quagmire. Everybody knows it’s either a depression or a recession. They don’t need the proof every day; they live it. The question is, what do we do to get through the next 18 months and preserve what’s left so that there can then be a genuine recovery? Fifty-four thousand jobs and they’re still reporting that it was unexpected. They expected twice that many jobs. Based on what? Fifty-four thousand jobs created, unemployment up to 9.1%, hundreds of thousands of Americans have dropped out of the job market altogether. The housing market is drowning.



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