Obama’s Lie About Shovel-Ready Stimulus Jobs is Tragic, Not Funny

Obama spoke to a half empty crowd or arena in Miami last night and got heckled by a bunch of AIDS activists to boot. The media is treating this shovel-ready thing as a joke. I don’t think people losing their jobs and losing their lives and losing their homes is a joke. Breaks your heart, folks. We all know people to whom this has happened. We all know people to whom this is happening. And we know that people are doing their level best to come out of their circumstances, and they’ve got this giant obstacle in the way, and it’s this president’s policies, his way of looking at the world, socialism, Marxism, what have you, and the government was supposed to be the big savior here. The government, Keynesian economics, massive federal spending, job creation. You can’t expand the amount of water in a swimming pool by taking buckets of water from one end and putting it in the other end of the pool. You’re not changing the amount of water. You’re just redistributing where the water is in the swimming pool. It’s all gonna level out anyway and be where it was before you started.

It’s the same thing with the US economy. You can’t take dollars from one area and move ’em to another area and claim you’re growing the economy. You can’t take money from people who are earning and producing it and giving it to people who are not and claiming that you’re engaged in social justice. You can’t take money from people who have it give it to people who don’t and claim you’re growing the economy. That’s not how economic growth takes place. The whole thing was flawed. And now it turns out it was just a joke, shovel-ready wasn’t as shovel-ready as we expected. The joke is that the money was never intended to go to shovel-ready jobs. It was intended and went to state and local union employees, a money laundering operation. The money stayed in the Democrat Party.



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