Obama’s Absurd Press Conference

So Obama delays this sorry excuse for a press conference in order to overlap the start of the big show today as much as possible, just as he always does, but we will not be deterred. This guy is hellbent on raising taxes. You do not want to miss the first hour of this program. Well, you don’t want to miss any hour of this program, but you don’t want to miss the first hour of this program particularly because I am gonna lay out for you exactly what’s going on. Not only are they trying to carry through with this notion that the Republicans are trying to sabotage the economy for their own electoral purposes when in fact it’s just the exact opposite. It’s not even sabotage. We’re talking about actual destruction of the economy by Obama and the Democrats. This guy starts out, opening statement in the presser boiled down to one thing: raise taxes. He is worse than a broken record. He’s a broken teleprompter. The teleprompter’s stuck. It’s broken: raise taxes, raise taxes. He keeps talking about folks and default, trying to talk like the hicks out there, trying to make them think that he’s one of them. He’s closer than he realizes.

Now, just last week there was a story in USA Today on how private jet travel is making a rebound. Corporate travel is rebounding. The private jet market was on the uptick, which is a good thing for the economy. It’s a good thing for everybody involved. It’s a good thing for people that make the airplanes. It’s a good thing for the line people that service the airplanes, the maintenance staff. It’s a good thing for the fuel providers. It’s a good thing for the FBOs, the gas stations at the airport. FBOs are basically gas stations for private jets. They all have people who work there, and it was Obama himself who killed the market early on in his regime saying we’re not gonna take the private jet to Vegas anymore, those days are over, he said. So now that the private jet market last week is reported to have rebounded, private jets are starting to take off again, Obama is ripping private jets today. They were touting them just last week as a sign of the recovery, private jet travel as a sign of economic recovery last week, and here comes Obama talking about tax breaks for corporate jets and so forth and how it isn’t gonna be the case anymore. They had stopped flying ’cause the regime attacked ’em, and so they started risking it again, and here he is.



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