New York Times on Board with Schumer/Durbin Sabotage Charge

What an important program yesterday was in terms of detecting the latest Democrat strategy in which they are going to try to absolve themselves and President Obama any responsibility for what’s happened to the economy of the country. They are basically accusing the Republicans of sabotage. George W. Bush, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, any elected Republican you can name, has for the last number of years been sabotaging the economy, intent on destroying the housing market, making sure that there are no job opportunities for you. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this has been the singular purpose of the Republican Party as made clear yesterday. And they had one media acolyte that got on board. Remember, now, when I mentioned this yesterday I said it’s gonna be fascinating and fun to keep a sharp eye and see which members of the media, State-Controlled Media, start spreading this spin.

Jonathan Alter was first, and it happened even before the program ended yesterday. We knew that Alan Colmes, late of Fox News Channel and the Hannity program, would also be following suit. I don’t know that he did ’cause I, frankly, didn’t have a TV on last night, so I don’t know if anything happened. I’m sure some of you do. But the New York Times has picked it up today in a lead editorial, and of course what they’ve picked up here is Chuck-U Schumer. Schumer and Durbin had their press conference yesterday in which they expressed great sadness and a modicum of shock over the fact that the Republicans would actually purposely sabotage the US economy and how unhappy that made them, how sad that made them, when they finally realized it.



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