Mitt Romney Wins Over Media by Opposing Rush on Climate Change

Apparently, folks, believing in one of the most preposterous hoaxes in the history of the planet — manmade global warming — is all that it takes to convince the State-Controlled Media that you are a “serious” candidate. We go back to last Friday, a week ago. Mitt Romney in Manchester, New Hampshire, announcing his candidacy; he was asked a question by someone in the audience, who has since called us, by the way. Question: “Nearly all the other candidates suggest that there’s no scientific consensus on climate change.” By the way, there can be no consensus in science. I’ll explain this again, if I must. Science is not up to a vote. There’s no majority in science. If you get five people and three of them think that the sun orbits around the Earth does not make it so even though there’s a “consensus.” In fact, the very notion of a “consensus” in science renders whatever you’re talking about to be unscientific and unrelated to science. It has no vote. There’s no democracy, there’s no consensus, and there’s no majority. Not in real science. So the guy goes on to say: “Will you, sir, state now that under a Romney regime global warming will be accepted as reality? And this reality will form the foundation for all climate and energy policy.”



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