Like a Vampire, Obama Sucks the Blood Out of American Capitalism

Now, you know, you and I on this program, we discuss time and time again: “Is Obama doing this on purpose or does he not really know?” It’s the age-old argument: “Is he a neophyte, ignorant theoretician from the faculty lounge or is he really this committed Marx who’s doing all this on purpose?” Now, a man that we admire greatly here at the EIB Network is Victor Davis Hanson. He’s a noted farmer in the Central Valley of California. He is, in his own way, a Renaissance man. He’s a Greek historian par excellence. I love listening to Victor Davis Hanson describe ancient Greece. You know, in ancient Greece they had their own Clinton. Alcibiades was an ancient Greek Clinton down to a T. Victor Davis Hanson writes prolifically at National Review, National Review Online and a couple of other websites, and there is a piece he posted yesterday at Glenn Reynolds’ website InstaPundit. It’s “The Metaphysics of Contemporary Theft,” and in his piece Victor Davis Hanson, affectionately known as VDH to his friends, says:

“Watching the tastes, the behavior, the rhetoric, the appointments, and the policy of this administration suggests to me that it is not really serious in radically altering the existing order, which it counts on despite itself. Its real goal is a sort of parasitism that assumes the survivability of the enfeebled host.” Let me translate: Victory Davis Hanson believes that Obama and the liberals are simple parasites, that they really don’t want to radically alter the existing order. They will say so but they don’t actually take the great leaps necessary to do it. They get close, but they don’t actually take steps to destroy this because they feed off of it. They need an economy producing things for them to take, so that they can redistribute them — and they just, in their ignorance, assume that no matter how often they kill the golden goose, that the golden goose is gonna continue to live and be prosperous and produce enough eggs for Obama and his guys to continue to take from.

That’s the prevailing opinion from Victor Davis Hanson.



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