Lib Parasites Destroy the Economy

For Obama’s purposes, it’s corporate jet versus kids; it’s Big Oil versus college education. He’s pitting groups of Americans against each other. The real world facts in terms of dollar and cents, money and what ends up costing people things, that’s not relevant to him. He’s in reelection mode, and he cannot run on his record. No one with his record could. He’s not going to run on his record. He can’t run on his record. He can’t say, “Reelect me and get four more years of this.” He’s got only one card to play, basically two: “Republicans are mean-spirited, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. They don’t care about your kids. Republicans only care about corporate jets,” from the guy who practically lives on the biggest corporate jet in the world. So it’s dishonest and it’s disingenuous.

Of course, the middle class will have to pay for any increases in corporate taxes or any increases in taxes on oil. Where’s Joe Bite Me in the middle of all this? Joe Bite Me is supposed to protect the middle class. The middle class is in the crosshairs. You want to talk about who’s killing the jobs, Obama was lecturing us all about the importance of job creation, as though he knows anything about it? Believe me, folks, he doesn’t. This isn’t just talk show ranting. He doesn’t know, folks, about job creation. He has no training in it; he’s got no experience in it. He’s a parasite. He’s like all liberals, they’re parasites. They wait for everybody else to do the work and then they feed off of it, and they assume, like all parasites do, that the host is always gonna just be there, that the host is always gonna be growing and doing what it does, to be fed off of.

We’re just looking at a man and a party that are a bunch of parasites. He is destroying the host per se. He’s destroying the domestic oil business. He’s destroying the coal industry. He’s causing electricity rates to skyrocket. He’s blocking oil drilling in the Gulf and Alaska, the continental shelf. His minions are killing nuclear power. And now he’s pushing for increases in taxes on oil. We never hear a single news report about all the jobs that are being destroyed because of his policies. All we hear about is, “Gee, will this work for Obama and his reelection?” I’ll tell you, it’s near criminal, the kind of things that are happening.



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