Jewish Democrats Feud Over Obama

David Ainsman, a prominent lawyer and Jewish community leader in Pittsburgh, worries that President Barack Obama may be losing support from other Jewish Democrats. Ainsman cites a recent dinner among friends that devolved into a screaming match, reports Politico.

During the dinner, Ainsman argued that Obama’s response to the Arab Spring in his May 19 speech was simply giving Israel “tough love.” His friends disagreed vehemently, stating that Obama “took the opportunity to throw Israel under the bus.”

Another dinner guest candidly revealed that he had lost faith in the president entirely, Ainsman told Politico.

“It’s less something specific than that these incidents keep on coming,” Ainsman said of Obama’s actions

The controversy surrounding Obama’s speech was his call for Israel to return to its 1967 borders, with “land swaps,” in an attempt to initiate peace talks.



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