How Welfare Destroys the Family

Well, I’ve got a story in the UK Daily Mail today. Listen to this: “David Cameron Warns Feckless Parents Who Expect to Raise Children on Benefits — David Cameron yesterday took a swipe at parents who expect to raise their children fully on state handouts, saying, ‘It isn’t going to happen.'” They’ve got a big problem. People expect to raise their families on benefits there!

CALLER: And, yes, sir, and they also teach the next generation that they can do that the same way — and the more children that you have, the more that you get, and it still keeps the people on the welfare rolls and also voting for the liberal agenda.

RUSH: I have to tell you something: Karen has a point. Because this is exactly what’s happened in the black community. The federal government has become the husband. The federal government has become the father. It exactly what’s happened, and that’s why the black family has disintegrated the way it has. It’s not me who says so. It’s black leaders who have called this program numerous times to make that point.



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