Merely viewing the Long Form birth certificate in Acrobat reader—
without any special software—is enough to reveal a myriad of
image tampering evidence. What do you look for?
Figure 1 is an example of a scanned image viewed in Photoshop.
Notice that the Layers palette displays one layer which defaults
to the name Background. A one layered file is also referred to as a
flattened image (more on layers later).
Scanned images will have a consistent noise and/or grain. Any
inconsistencies in noise or grain would be a strong telltale sign of
tampering. Obama’s long form certificate document shows a clear
inconsistency of noise in various locations. Let’s examine a scanned
image to get an understanding of what is meant by the term
noise—which is more easily seen at high zoom levels. Figure 1
shows the sample zoom areas of focus—to get a closer look.

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