Gibbs Gives Us the 2012 Theme: It’s All Still George W. Bush’s Fault

The regime cannot promote itself, the regime cannot say four more years of X, do you like 9% unemployment, how about 11%? There is not one thing the regime has done that they can promise to do more of that anybody wants. It’s the exact opposite. So what their campaign is going to be, and I told you this, when they got into Washington they discovered it was far worse than they even knew, that Bush and Cheney lied to ’em, did not tell ’em how bad the economic circumstances were. Oh, my gosh, our programs are working, but it’s gonna take a lot longer than we thought to bring us out of this mess. And we’re just now starting to see some turnaround, which we’re not, but this is what they’ll say and then say you really can’t change horses the middle of the stream, no, we can’t turn this over to the people who ran the car in the ditch. Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper 19, after the debate, they talked to the former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about Obama’s success and the campaign, and you listen and you tell me if I don’t know these people.

GIBBS: The policies that were espoused in 2007 and 2008 that got us into the economic mess that we’re trying to get ourselves out of tonight, that’s the economic platform that was introduced by these candidates. We have to understand what got us into this mess, and we have to make sure that we don’t hire somebody to repeat those same mistakes. If the Bush tax cuts were great for economic policy, why did we lose three and a half million jobs —

RUSH: We didn’t.



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