Failed Judgment Day preacher hospitalized with stroke

A California broadcaster who wrongly forecast the return of Jesus last month is now hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

Harold Camping, 89, of Oakland-Calif.-based Family Radio was reportedly taken by ambulance Thursday night from his home in Alameda, Calif.

“He had a stroke, it was on his right side,” a neighbor of Camping’s told the Oakland Tribune, noting that she and her husband helped and comforted Camping’s wife, Shirley, as the event took place.

“His speech appears to be a little bit slurred but otherwise he’s OK,” the neighbor said, after her husband spoke with Shirley yesterday. “(Shirley) said he was doing good … and the only thing that’s affected is his speech.”

The Tribune notes there was no answer at Camping’s door this afternoon and all of the curtains and blinds were drawn. A GMC pickup with a Family Radio bumper sticker and a white Buick sat in the driveway.



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