Don’t Doubt Me! A Brand-Name Conservative Will Clobber Obama

I know it makes people nervous when I say, “If the election were today, Obama would lose.” Well, it makes some people nervous because they tell me so. “Rush, too much can happen here, as you say, way too soon here to be so confident of the outcome.” Well, I’m not confident of the outcome 18 months from now, but if it were today, I’m telling you the guy doesn’t have a prayer, folks. And now the new economic news, they’re probably celebrating in the White House: “US Consumer Sentiment Worsens on Economic Jitters.” And the media’s blaming Europe for this. The IMF is saying, “You know, you guys better get your budget deficit in order.” That’s just a call to raise the debt limit. But there isn’t any inspiring economic news out there except for a new tea that’s been released on the market this week. There’s no good uplifting news on the unemployment front or any of this. There’s nothing whatsoever that’s happening in the country.

There is one caveat, and my brother David wrote his latest column on this. You and I as conservatives, we sit here and we look at the data and examine the status quo of the moment, and we apply our natural conservatism to the news and the events, and we say to ourselves that there’s no way the American people can support this, but the caveat is — and it’s an open question — how far along the line are we that a lot of Americans view the primary purpose of the federal government is to equalize outcomes in life, not opportunity, but to equalize outcomes? How many times will we take a call from a liberal on this program and you think, “My God, how can somebody think this?” Somebody who’s got vitriol for the rich, upset that a CEO is making all of this money and eagerly wanting to do whatever to punish people who are doing better than they are.



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