Documents show marriage of Obama’s parents a sham

The recently released immigration file for Barack Obama Sr. indicates the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service had doubts he and Obama’s mother were married.

While Ann Dunham may have sought Obama Sr. as her husband and the father of her child, the record suggests the two never lived together as a married couple.

As WND reported, there’s no record of Ann Dunham’s whereabouts during the last six months of her pregnancy.

Moreover, within weeks of the baby’s birth, Dunham left Honolulu with her infant son and traveled to Seattle, where she enrolled in night courses at the University of Washington. She did not return to Honolulu until after Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in September 1962 to attend graduate courses at Harvard.

The INS file shows that Barack Obama Sr. was not faithful to Dunham, even when the two were in Hawaii at the same time.

Instead, the documentation supports the conclusion that Obama Sr. and Dunham took part in a sham marriage that the Kenyan student thought might help him extend his visa and remain in the United States to continue his education.

Economic necessity and his desire to complete his studies as soon as possible forced Obama Sr. to remain in Honolulu during the summer months, both to take summer classes and to work part-time.



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