Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz on Democrat Ownership of Economy

HENRY: My question is, at what point does your party own the economy? Is it three years after the president took office, four years, five to ten years, ten to 15 years? At what point do you take ownership?

SCHULTZ: Oh, I mean I think we clearly are responsible for the — I’m gonna take ownership right now.

RUSH: Okay. Now, one of two things is clear. Either Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz is clueless and didn’t understand what was behind the question, didn’t understand the nature of the question, or else the whole thing is a setup and the Democrats think the economy is on the verge of doing something that can be called a turn around that they want to be able to own, that they want to say, yep, it’s ours. Now, Ed Henry is not one of us, folks. Ed Henry, CNN, State-Controlled Media stenographer, he asks this question, “At what point does your party own the economy?”

Well, in a real world, he’d be asking that because Obama continues to blame Bush and an enterprising journalist would say, “Wait a second, now, you’ve been in office for two and a half years; your mark is on this economy. You have spent over $2 trillion. You borrowed, whatever, $2 trillion under false premise, creating jobs and growing the economy. It hasn’t worked. You keep blaming Bush. You say that it’s worse than you thought when you assumed office. At what point is any of this yours?” Now, in the world of fair, honest, balanced journalism, that’s a legitimate question. But this is not the fair, honest, balanced world of journalism, certainly not at CNN, and it isn’t at PMSNBC. So we just can’t automatically conclude here that Ed Henry is asking a common sense question founded in genuine journalistic curiosity.



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