Dance Party Round 2 at Jefferson Memorial on June 4th?

Organized by Adam Kokesh, the host of Adam vs. the Man on RT America (, a dance protest last Saturday attracted dozens of people who engaged in silent dancing inside the hall of the Jefferson Memorial. But even as they swayed in silence, the D.C. police viciously assaulted them, choking Adam Kokesh around the throat, then picking him up and violently slamming his body to the ground (…).

This is the new standard of violent government oppression in America: The mere fact that your body is moving rhythmically is now enough to get you violently assaulted by law enforcement. That this is taking place inside the memorial of Thomas Jefferson is, all by itself, an insult to what the memorial itself stands for: Freedom. If anything, Jefferson would have welcomed the idea of people dancing, singing, speaking and even dissenting in the hall of his memorial. Thomas Jefferson, after all, was the most famous anti-government revolutionary in U.S. history. And it was he who warned about the rise of corporate fascism and runaway government power.



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