Comparison of the Media Coverage on Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman

The idea that voters in this country are going to say, after hearing Rick Perry — or anybody — “Oh, no, no, no! We can’t elect Rick Perry. He comes from the same state Bush came from.” Is the Bush Derangement Syndrome so distorting of these people’s minds that they really believe that voters would decide on a candidate because he was the same state that George W. Bush is from? I mean, this sounds like a stretch — and even Paul Gigot from the Wall Street Journal, who was the last voice you heard there, seemed to agree with the sentiment. It was F. Chuck Todd here who says, “I’ve quietly had some Republicans say that Rick Perry is just a little too Texan this close to Bush.”

Well, now, so Texas is hated along with Bush? Sorry, folks, I don’t buy this. This is yet another example… It’s like the New York Times. New York Times has a story about Clarence Thomas. It’s one of the most convoluted stories that you’ll ever encounter. It’s a story about how he may have acted improperly in trying to save a museum. Something as harmless as a museum. He may have acted improperly — and when you read the story you really don’t see anything that was improper and you’re left scratching your head, until you realize the purpose. The purpose here (this is the New York Times) is they’re already starting to work on judges, justices of the Supreme Court vis-a-vis Obamacare. ‘Cause everybody knows that Obamacare’s gonna end up there — and they’re now starting to work on the justices.

Make no mistake about it. They’re gonna be doing puff profiles of Anthony Kennedy and others in the Washington Post Style section trying to buy their vote on this. Clarence Thomas is constantly a target, but this story? There’s no way that you come away thinking he’s done anything wrong, but it’s a warning shot. In fact, this story is not even for the readers. This story is aimed at Justice Thomas himself, trying to intimidate him. Now, this Rick Perry. “Nah, we can’t go for Rick Perry; he’s in Texas — and Bush is from Texas! Everybody hates Bush, ergo everybody hates Texas, or everybody hates Texas politicians. Why? Why all of a sudden are they talking this way about Rick Perry? Saturday afternoon in New Orleans, the 2011 Republican leadership conference, we have some comments by Rick Perry, and we have edited the applause. It was substantial. But we’ve edited the applause in the interests of time.



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