Cantor Walks Out on Debt Talks

Eric Cantor, who is a member of the House Republican leadership, has walked out of negotiations on the debt ceiling with the Obama regime. It’s all because Cantor says until the regime is willing to get serious talking about taxes and tax cuts and their role in dealing with the debt ceiling, I’m not gonna waste my time anymore. I’m just not going.

So Eric Cantor has bailed out of the debt-reduction talks, saying he’s not gonna participate any longer until Obama resolves the issue of taxes. Now there’s a threat, there’s talk, of dueling press conferences. Cantor’s gonna have one of his own and explain why he went. The White House is, maybe, gonna schedule their own press conference at the same time to explain probably why they’re glad Cantor is leaving. But I think it’s fascinating. It’s odd; it’s a little weird. This White House seems to be able to negotiate with everybody except the Republicans. They can negotiate with Bashar al-Assad; they can negotiate with Hugo Chavez. They can negotiate with Taliban! They can negotiate with Hamas! But they can’t negotiate with the Republicans. Why is that? I mean, the Taliban never accused the Obama administration of not bargaining in good faith!



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