Algore Gloms on to Discredited, Crackpot Overpopulation Theory

So the climate hoax has blown up on Algore, so now he’s moving to another discredited crackpot theory: Overpopulation. Which is a theorem that has been totally debunked. Now, again, the left lives in theory and utopia. It does not live in Realville like I do. You can’t “debunk” it to them; it’s a cause. It’s a panic, it’s a crisis; and therefore it will never, ever not exist. But we don’t face a problem of overpopulation in the world. Now, I know, folks, it’s really fun to say something like that, too, because you know the power of conventional wisdom and you know that there are people who believe and want to invest in Armageddon and apocalyptic-type things. So global warming? “Oh, yeah! Oh-ho-ho, yeah,” and overpopulation? “Oh, yeah! We’re running out of food, running out of water. Oh, yeah.”

People, they invest in this. Either it’s their personality type or they’re making money themselves off promulgating it or what have you — and for somebody like me to come along and say we don’t have an overpopulation problem, and to say it with ontological certitude as I do? Why, that just rubs people the wrong way. If I were to say, “You know, folks, I’ve thought about it and I’m not sure. I’ve gone back and forth. I really wish I knew for sure. I just don’t think there’s an overpopulation problem,” that would be far more acceptable to people than just coming in here and say, “THERE ISN’T AN OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM. Don’t believe that there is.” That rubs people the wrong way. You’re not supposed to be that sure of yourself.



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