A Good Night for Conservatism

It was another good debate, on balance. I mean we can nitpick from candidate to candidate to candidate, but even Ron Paul didn’t sound kooky all night. He had his moments. But it was good night for conservatism in terms of the cogent way it was expressed. I thought Michele Bachmann did really well last night introducing herself and announcing her campaign. The media, starting last night, even today, all upset that the Republicans weren’t attacking each other. They’re really jumping all over Pawlenty. They’re calling Pawlenty a wimp. You know why they’re mad at Pawlenty is ’cause he mentioned my name. Pawlenty’s the one candidate that mentioned my name last night. He happened to mention that he comes from a family of Reagan Democrats, union members who now listen to me, so that did not stand him in good stead with the media, and then, you know, he came up with the term Obomneycare to describe Mitt Romney and his health care plan in Massachusetts being identical to Obama’s, and they gave Pawlenty a chance to ram that home, and he wouldn’t do it last night; he chose the polite route. The media is all upset ’cause he didn’t go cutthroat on ’em out there. They’re upset that all these guys did was attack Obama.

Now, folks, it’s 17 months out, and they are going to attack themselves at some point. It’s gonna happen when we get further into the debate process, the Republicans are gonna start going after each other, but right now Obama is the focal point, Obama is the opposition. And isn’t this the civility that everyone claims they wanted? It’s an excellent point. Everybody’s been demanding civility and so the Republicans epitomized it last night, and the media is all upset. They’re upset because the attacks on Obama were effective. I mean this regime’s got nothing to defend. The regime cannot say, “Give us four more years to do what we’ve done.” There’s nothing they’ve done that they can say give us four more years to do more of. Nobody really wants it.



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