Why the Story Keeps Changing: Obama Can’t Say What Happened

You know, I’m thinking about the Bin Laden photos that will not be released. Snerdley just had a good point. I remember when I was a kid — and I’ve seen them myself; you probably have, too. Back in the days of Capone and Baby Face Nelson, Dillinger and all those guys, whenever J. Edgar Hoover wiped these guys out — whenever there was a successful slaughter — the pictures were all over the newspapers. The blood, the guts, the gore, the pasta (if it happened at a restaurant). Speaking of that there were pictures of Paul Castellano on the street in front of Sparks Steak House when Gotti rubbed him out!

How did our parents ever survive the trauma, ladies and gentlemen? How did our parents ever survive? Look at the gore and the blood and the guts in Clinton Eastwood movies, or any other set of movies. Lordy, how have we ever survived? I remember… Folks, when I lived in Kansas City (which was 1979 through 1983) there was a local cable access host by the name of L. L. Edge, and every two weeks L. L. Edge ran a long-form special on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Kansas City train station, and it had still shots of a bunch of mobsters being blown away. In fact, speaking of which, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre today would be a minor little gang skirmish, but it was huge back then.

But the point is, there were all these pictures still shots of blood guts and gore that L. L. Edge just loved showing everybody. (interruption) Well, no, it wasn’t every two weeks (laughing) but it seemed like it! It was his favorite show. I remember being on the radio and talking about it: “Who is L. L. Edge?” He was one of those guys that knows everybody in town but nobody knows him. (laughing) I’m just kidding. Wouldn’t gory photos of a dead terrorist, if we’re talking about influence, maybe influence you into NOT ending up that way? Well, just the counterpoint to this notion that it’s a recruitment tool.



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