Why Obama Denied Texas Aid

This is punishment. The state of Texas also happens to be where Bush lives. The state of Texas did not vote for Obama. There are plenty of other states that did, and they’re gonna get the money first. It’s no more complicated than that. Obama is president of Obama! I’m surprised anyone would have this question. Could somebody point to me one thing he’s done for the country at large? Isn’t everything Obama’s done harmful to the country, one way or the other? He’s got his crony capitalist buddies that he helps out, but the country? Is the country better off economically because of Obama? Is our foreign policy better off? By the way, new policy in Libya. Guess what? Remember when Obama said in his original announcement it’d last days? Nope! Now there’s no end. We are there until somebody (not us) gets Khadafy. Just announced. The real question is: Why are you surprised that he’s sticking it to Texas? He’s sticking it to everybody else, every chance he gets — and I mean that. I’m not trying to be extreme with it.



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