Why is it ok to assassinate, but not waterboard?

Glenn played some audio along the lines of the Chris Christie porn – a White House official sat down with Chris Wallace who tried to figure out why we can’t use enhanced interrogation of terrorists.

“We’ll all stipulate that Bin Laden was a monster, but why are you shooting an unarmed man in the face legal and proper while enhanced interrogation including waterboarding of a detainee under very strict controls and limits, why is that over the line?” Wallace asked.

“ I’m not asking you why it was okay to shoot Osama Bin Laden and I’m not second guessing the SEALs. What I am asking is if that’s okay, why can’t you do waterboarding? Why can’t you do enhanced interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was just as bad an operator as Osama Bin Laden?”

When Wallace was told by an official that it waterborarding wasn’t in line with our values, Wallace responded, “But shooting Osama Bin Laden in the head is consistent with our values?”



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