WATCH: Emotional Glenn announces ‘Restoring Courage’ at the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount on August 24th

Glenn announced on radio that the ‘Restoring Courage’ main event will be taking place at the Temple Mount excavation site along with southern wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Get all the details, including ticket information, here.

“When I went over to Israel last week to tell you the truth, I got on the plane out of obedience. This has been in my head now for how many months? And I have fought it, quite honestly, because I know we’re working on another project and I know what kind of time this is and I also knew what this could mean. And I’m tired of being in the center of the storm, quite honestly, no matter what the press might tell you,” Glenn said.

“And I was really hoping when I was over there, when we were over and we were looking at locations, I had my security detail with me to give us an idea of where the most secure place would be, I had a political advisor over there, what’s going to be politically the least offensive. I had a couple of spiritual advisors with me, and I went to place after place. And first we looked at a stadium, and we drove by that. And I just said, keep driving. No, no. We looked at several places, and I knew it had to be in Jerusalem.”



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