Was it capture or kill?

So was the order given to the soldiers to kill or capture UBL? That seems to be the question making the rounds a few days after the operation wrapped up, and Glenn provided some insight on radio this morning.

Leon Panetta told Brian Williams, “The authority we have on Bin Laden are to kill him. And that was made clear. But it was also, as part of their rules of engagement, if he suddenly put up his hands and offered to be captured, then they would have the opportunity obviously to capture him. But that opportunity never developed.”

“That opportunity never developed. He was an unarmed man up in his bedroom,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that yesterday, he spoke with some former military people who told him there was no doubt in their minds that they were always going to kill UBL. One of the men told him, “I challenge you to find a military person that won’t shoot that son of a bitch in the head.”



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