USS Michael Murphy: Ship named after Navy Seal

Glenn often talks about his friend Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL who was the lone survivor of his squad when they were attacked by 2500 Taliban fighters. The SEAL who made his rescue possible, Michael Murphy, lost his life calling for help. Murphy is now being honored with his own battleship.

“Marcus Luttrell is a close personal friend of mine. I talked to Marcus probably three times this week and there was no ‑‑ there was no gloating at all. He was proud of the SEALs this week,” Glenn said.

“This week is an important week for Marcus because this is the week that his good friend Navy lieutenant Michael Murphy has a ship named after him. Michael Murphy, for anyone who knows the story of the lone survivor, Michael Murphy was on a mission and they were ‑‑ they were out just monitoring the Taliban,” Glenn explained.



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