Unemployment Rate Rises to 9%, State-Run Media Cheers Obama

The news media today, gosh, the unemployment rate’s up to 9%, and they’re celebrating. They’re talking about some of the strongest job growth, with 244,000 new jobs, 62,000 of them from Mickey D’s, 62,000 from McDonald’s. Now, remember in the past, those jobs have been impugned by the Democrats and the left as meaningless, futureless hamburger flipper jobs without health care. Folks, I’ll tell you, if we had our news media of today back in the days of Herbert Hoover we would have never had a Depression, because it woulda never been reported as a depression. This isn’t even reporting. This is stenography that we have from the Drive-Bys today. We woulda never had a Great Depression. Nobody would have ever heard anything to get depressed about. Now, you can talk about 244,000 new jobs and all of that, but no president’s ever been reelected with the unemployment rate at 8% or over.

Did you watch the Republican debate last night? I did. Folks, I’m telling you something, it was inspiring. It actually was. It was good to finally see five or six guys, maybe five and a half guys, take it to Obama. It actually was comforting and reassuring. And there were some surprises along the way here. I’m sure those of you who watched it have your own take. I, of course, El Rushbo have the final take, which is why I will wait to tell you what I think about it ’til I hear a little bit — ’cause once I say something about something then there’s nothing left to be said. You didn’t watch it, Snerdley? No, no, it was not a dud. I mean the people on there that were duds were even entertaining, and Herman Cain overwhelmingly won. Frank Luntz has his focus group that Hannity puts on Fox after the debate. Herman Cain, according to that focus group, was the clear winner. Santorum was hyper. He was filled with fire and brimstone. Pawlenty, I thought, appeared very presidential. It was an upper all the way around. It really was. We can nitpick some things, and of course we will nitpick some things as the program unfolds before your very eyes.



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