Times Change: Budget is Hot News

There’s a poll out. Marist has a poll and they’re a bunch of lefties. This is stunning to me. According to the latest Marist poll, Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling by more than two to one. Okay, that’s interesting in itself. And when you only measure people who have actually been following the issue, the numbers reason more lopsided. But get this. This is what’s amazing. “A majority of Americans, 57%, say they are closely following the news about discussions related to the debt ceiling.” I can tell you that 22 years ago that number would be less than 5%. Ten years ago it would have been barely 50%. In the 1995 budget battle you might have had some interest in it for a short period of time. This is stunning to me. It really is, in terms of what’s mattering to people. And it goes to a point that I have believed for a long time. Just as it’s a violation of conventional wisdom to say that Obama is eminently beatable, I think the majority of this country is us. We just don’t see it reflected anywhere. But we are the majority in this country, Tea Party conservatism, particularly if you look at the way people live their lives. We are categorized each and every day as the fringe, but we are not. We are the mainstream.

The way we believe. The way we live. The philosophies, the morality, all of it, we are the mainstream of this country. And it’s reflected in any number of places, if you want to accept it. It’s a tough thing for people to accept because they don’t see it reflected anywhere. They watch a movie and they don’t see the way they live reflected as respectable, admirable, or even normal. They read a book, same thing, listen to music. They look at who the White House invites to come read poetry. It ain’t from the majority of the country. It’s from a genuine true radicalized fringe, the media. The mainstream media is not the mainstream media any longer. The mainstream media is in the minority now. You have to add them all up together, but even when you do that they’re nowhere near as large and penetrable as they used to be. It’s been amazing for me to chronicle this.



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