There’s No Such Thing as Palestine

All right, let me make it crystal clear. The Palestinian right of return, just so everybody understands this, the Palestinian demand for right of return asserts that Palestinian refugees, both first generation refugees and their descendants, have a right to return, a right to the property they or their forebears left or which they were forced to leave in the former British mandate of Palestine, which is currently Israel and the Palestinian territories as the result of 1948 Palestinian war. The complicating factor is there really is no such thing as Palestine. It’s been created for the sake of this argument or this dispute, and there never were Palestinians. But there are now, of course, for the sake of prolonging, servicing, and animating this dispute.

So now that Obama has taken away Israel’s borders chip by himself asserting that Israel return to its 1967 borders, the right of return is the only thing left to negotiate over, and it really isn’t possible to negotiate, since it would effectively spell the end of Israel as a nation since we’re talking about five, six million people. Palestine was created by British mandate way, way, way back, 1922. Now, I’ll give you a modern-day analogy — it’s a little flawed, but it still works — the Cuban exile community in Miami firmly believes that if the Castro regime ever is done away with, defeated, sent packing, they have the right to return to what was their property, both land and assets in Cuba, that nobody else gets it.



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