Theft? Gas station owner loses $21k after pump glitch

gast station owner accidently marked his gas as bing a $1 a gallon, and in the ensuing buys lost over $21,000. Keep in mind, the providers all got paid, but the independent owner of the franchise was hit with the costs. How many people took advantage of the mistake before anyone noticed?

“So nobody said anything. Nobody said ‘thank you’ to him. Now, if you’re going in and you see gas at a dollar, you think, wow, these guys are doing something great. You go in and say thank you. Nobody did. Which leads me to believe everybody knew that it was a mistake. They just took advantage of it. And so how many people pumped gas in California at this station and knew they were being taken advantage of? They just knew it. Now who gets hurt? It’s not Exxon that gets hurt. It’s that guy who owns that station.” Glenn said.



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