The road to Restoring Courage

This morning, Glenn announced “Restoring Courage”, a special event which will be held in Israel this August. While some may be surprised by the announcement, those who have followed Glenn closely over the past few years should see this as the next logical step in his career. First, Glenn had the “We Surround Them” special on FOX, which encouraged people to recognize that they are not alone and to unite with others based on principles and values. This led to the 9/12 Project and the 40 Day/40 Night Challenge – programs designed to help people focus on what matters in their life and center themselves around faith and values. Then came the Restoring Honor rally in Washington, DC, a nonpolitical rally that called for America to turn back to God. The event celebrated people and individuals who embodied the values of faith, hope, and charity that were a hallmark of Glenn’s program leading up to the rally. Glenn also hosted a “America’s First Christmas” in Wilmington, OH which helped kick off the E4 project. Viewers were encouraged to look to each other and their communities for solutions and away from big government.



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