The President Owes Us an Apology

Now, let’s review. Let’s review, ladies and gentlemen, and let’s do this with pure and total objectivity, exactly where we are today, just shortly after noon on the 3rd of May, 2011. An American president with admittedly incomplete intelligence, intelligence provided by people, techniques, and agencies reviled, ridiculed, and opposed by this American president, invades a foreign and supposedly friendly nation without its knowledge or consent, using information extracted from Guantanamo detainees, a place that the sitting president opposes, techniques to acquire this information opposed by this president and his regime.

The information provided by waterboarding, it was said last night by Peter King, congressman, New York, waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed produced the intel that led to the successful assault on that glorified hut in which Osama Bin Laden was living. All of this produced by techniques and policies steadfastly opposed by this current president. The president gives a — some would say illegal — kill order. We are proscribed because of an executive order from President Ford to assassinate foreign leaders, but nevertheless this president gives a kill order for a target in a private residence in a country, a friendly country invaded by us without their knowledge where there are women and children present, by the way. In the course of this attack, upwards of 22 foreign nationals are either killed or captured, including the targeted unarmed foreign leader.

Then, it is reported that the president ordered the target’s body respectfully tossed into the ocean, all of which is done without any United Nations resolution or authorization of any kind. And not only does our president not apologize for any of these actions, he brags about what he did and claims that it was all his idea from the get-go, and our media celebrates him as courageous. Now, who could have imagined such a series of events just a few days ago? If you were alive and paying attention during the 2008 presidential campaign, who could have ever believed that these events would have happened and that their reaction, the reaction of these events would be what it is?



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