The Newt of the ’80s Wouldn’t Get Tangled Up in This Mandate Mess

Newt Gingrich has racked up a huge bill at Tiffany, the jeweler, $500,000. Our ever attentive media is on the case. Frankly, folks, do I care what a former politician and his wife do with their money, or what a current politician is doing with mine? I, frankly, couldn’t care less that Gingrich has a $500,000 bill at Tiffany. More power to him. If his wife likes stuff at Tiffany, and Newt wants to buy stuff from Tiffany for his wife and has an account there, so be it. Should I care about Newt and his wife’s jewelry purchases or should I care that Obama sat in a bigoted church for 20 years and probably did hear what was being said? Should we care about the lies and distortions being told to us by this regime about our financial circumstance?

Newt has an account with Tiffany, so what? You know what the point of this is? Rich Republicans. It’s the same old template out there, and the takedowns of Newt yesterday, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, with a huge hit piece on Newt. A lot of people are pointing out that nobody on the Republican side is rallying to Newt’s defense here.



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