Some Republicans urge Christie to run for president

As Republicans seek the best candidate to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012, some Iowa Republican donors are wooing a reluctant Chris Christie, saying the New Jersey governor’s blunt style makes him the man for the job.

Next Tuesday, about half a dozen businessmen from Iowa — which holds the first nominating contest in the presidential race — will make the case to Christie over dinner at the governor’s mansion for his entering the contest.

“Christie appeals to a broad section of America who are really tired of elected officials not telling them the truth, not telling them in a blunt and direct way what’s going on,” said Iowa entrepreneur Bruce Rastetter, who will take part in the dinner.

Rastetter said he likes Christie’s “blunt, direct, no-nonsense approach” and said he will urge the governor to “come to Iowa, spend some time, and see if Iowans don’t embrace his style of leadership like we believe they would.”



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