Sarah Palin Hits David Gregory’s Best Curveball Out of the Yard

Newt Gingrich got one thing magnificently right last week. He called Barack Obama “The Food Stamp President.”Newt’s old; a bit behind the times. It should have been “The EBT-Card President.”Still, the shoe fits, and Obama should get stuck wearing it in November 2012.

The American Left, with its typical intellectual brilliance, assumed that Newt Gingrich only called Barack Obama “President Food Stamp” because he was black. Newt would have called a white president “Captain Safety-Net” instead. I remember all the times Ronald Reagan went around thanking Jimmy Carter for all the social welfare he handed out in the late 1970’s. Gingrich was clearly and obviously RAAAAACIST!

David Gregory interviewed Gingrich and furrowed his eyebrows in deep and sober concern over Gingrich’s use of coded language.



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