Romney’s Health Care Problem

Well, what’s gonna compound that is not so much what he does but Obama is already out there praising Romney as being one of the architects of Obamacare. You know, Obama’s out there saying (impression), “You know, some of my ideas, I can’t take all the credit for. Mitt Romney was doin’ some great things in Massachusetts even before I came along,” which is a problem for Romney. Now, last night… You know, Pawlenty has a similar problem with cap and trade. Pawlenty came out for it and he was big, big, big for cap and trade. Big time.

It was a huge gaffe in favor of cap and trade when it was first announced, and so he was asked about it. “What are you gonna do?” He said, “Look, we all make mistakes.” He totally disowned it last night. He threw it overboard. He didn’t attempt to say that 10% of it was a good idea, 20% was a good idea. He didn’t. He didn’t blame anybody. He just said, “I made a mistake. We all make mistakes.” He threw himself under the bus, he threw himself overboard and got out of the bus, hired a driver so he could run over him again.” Romney has not done that. Romney is still defending Massachusetts care, and it could well be a problem for him.

Because if you’ve got Obama out there praising you as inspiring him to come up with something which over half the country hates, it’s not good. I’m not a political advisor. I’m just a Big Voice on the Right driving the independents back to Obama. But I really think that he’s gonna have to disown it at some point. So far he won’t, and I don’t know… (interruption) Well, I know he says he wants to repeal Obamacare. If I were Romney (chuckling), what I would do… I’m sure the guy’s cell phone battery died or I’d-a heard from him. If I were Romney and this question came up, I would be tempted to say, “Why are you asking me for logical consistency? I’m running against Obama.



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