Palin rides Harley and fuels 2012 suspicion

Sarah Palin has hit the road and it’s fueling suspicion that she’s eying the White House.

The former governor of Alaska launched her cross-country tour Sunday from Washington D.C., joining thousands of bikers in riding across the city in memory of veterans this Memorial Weekend.

And she started her tour by riding a black Harley at the Rolling Thunder event.

“Heck yeah,” said Palin, wearing all black and a Harley-Davidson helmet said before getting on the back of a motorcycle at the Pentagon, where the bikers gathered. “I can’t wait.”

But the Republican did not disclose any clues about her thinking on a presidential run. Along with her husband, Todd, and daughter, Bristol, she posed for photos and signed autographs, but didn’t answer questions about whether she’s getting in the race.



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