Obama to liberals ‘Don’t give up on me’

Angling for a second term, President Barack Obama tried to fire up supporters Monday night, saying failure to get everything they want as fast as they want should motivate and not dissuade them.

Liberals and other key Obama supporters have voiced frustration with the president on a number of issues, from his compromise with Republicans on tax cuts to failure to deliver a promised overhaul of the immigration system.

Obama acknowledged the lengthy to-do list ahead, but he said his accomplishments to date show that change is possible. The message to supporters: Don’t give up just yet.

“When you think back to these last two and a half years, I want you to do so not with complacency, not with full satisfaction, but I want it to motivate you,” Obama told about 600 supporters at a campaign fundraiser at the Capital Hilton. “Don’t let people tell you that we can’t bring about change. We have already brought about change.”

Obama also spoke at a dinner with about 60 high-dollar donors at the St. Regis hotel.



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