Obama is Landslideable Beatable If GOP Doesn’t Nominate a RINO

That’s the keyword — “unelectable” — and then they cite each other. Columnist A will cite Columnist B, who will cite Blogger C, who will then agree with Blogger Z, and you’ve got a giant circle you-know-what going on with all the smartest people in the room writing for each other, to each other, using each other’s phrases, impressing each other that their minds are unique and alike.

Oh, they’ll occasionally have arguments over who cited something first or who came with some point of view first or what have you, but for the most part… You’ve read these blogs. You know what I’m talking about. The irreplaceable blogger name. “Yesterday in a post (that nobody saw) by the irretrievable, unmistakable, couldn’t do without (name the blogger)” and then they write about each other this way, and they all get themselves worked up into a lather about the same things — and the RINOs have, as their first mission, to defeat conservatives in the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan knew it; nothing’s really changed, which is why those people were out there saying the era of Reagan is over.

But have you ever heard them say, “The era of Gerald Ford is over”? Have you? You haven’t. You’ve never heard them say, “The era of Gerald Ford is over,” or, “The era of Bob Dole is over.” In fact, you will not hear them say, “The era of John McCain is over.” So that’s the answer to the question, and that’s what we’re up against — and it matters, because how we deal with what we all know the Obama campaign’s gonna be will be crucial in defeating Obama. For example, here from Commentary magazine is a story from yesterday. I think it’s a blog post, but it’s Alana Goodwin. “As Jonathan wrote a little earlier today,” is how it starts.



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