Obama Crackdown on For-Profit Colleges Faces Stiff Resistance

President Obama and his education secretary are facing a bipartisan revolt from almost 300 lawmakers, an inspector general’s investigation and several lawsuits over a proposed crackdown on for-profit colleges, which train people for jobs ranging from plumbers to computer technicians.

“Can you think of any other issue that former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the current Speaker John Boehner agree on?” asked Lanny Davis, a former legal counsel to President Clinton. “The policy is so wrongheaded that it brings liberals and conservatives together.”

What’s causing all the ruckus? A proposed regulation from the administration is aimed at what are known as career or vocational schools which train medical technicians, chefs, welders, electricians and the like. The rule would cut federal aid to programs where student debt levels are deemed to be too high and where students are struggling to repay their loans.

But many critics are puzzled by the administration’s move. And they question whether the standards are too strict.



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