Liberals Still Hate the US Military

Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, which actually hits on Saturday. The cover story is headlined: “A Beast Within the Heart of Every Fighting Man.” It is a blood-red cover with a black silhouette of an American soldier. Now, I have been on the cover of this magazine. They work weeks in advance. The timing is exquisite here. Here is the tease for the New York Times Sunday magazine cover story: “The case against American soldiers accused of murdering Afghan civilians turns on the idea of a rogue unit. But what if the killings are a symptom of a deeper problem?” So the Sunday New York Times Magazine has a story exploring the murderous standards that make up the US fighting man, the average American military recruit and ask, is this what we have become?

Now, the New York Times is trashing the US military every week. The news media now pretend to be grateful to them for taking down Bin Laden — see, folks, this is another thing. Do you realize — and I mean this from the bottom of my sizable beating heart. Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. You know as well as I do it’s not just the New York Times. The left-wing media in this country despises the US military. The US military to all leftists is the focus of evil in the world. The agents of imperialism, if you will, and of domination. You know that deep down it just grates on them to have to write all of these stories this week praising the SEALs which is one of the reasons why they’re not spending so much time on the SEALs and why they’re so busy praising Obama. This just has to grate on these people.

They are much more at home reporting stories of Jack Murtha or John Kerry, the haughty John Kerry, who, by the way, once served in Vietnam, accusing our troops of being murderers and rapists and terrorists. That’s the story they like. John Kerry built a career out of criticizing and ripping the American military. Jack Murtha, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, practically the whole Democrat Party during the last four years of Bush-Cheney were seeking to secure defeat, impugning the character — I mean going so far as to ridicule volunteers because of where they came from. They came from economically depressed areas of the country, the South, the deep South, the Southwest, where, of course, the economy is in the tank and there really is no other option. It’s the only option they’ve got. They can’t get an education. The only way they can have any chance to get out of the horrible places they live is to join the military. They don’t do it because they have a love of country. They don’t do it because they have a sense of mission. They don’t do it because they want to defend and protect the Constitution and liberty. Oh, no. They do it because of this rotten country and this rotten economy and they’ve got no other way out. That’s the standard story, that’s what they love to write about the US military.



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